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I feel the realization growing that, I have nothing to fear. I took a moment and reflected on this. I am a smart, handsome, talented, well crafted, well spoken, cultured man. I can travel to the strangest of lands or places and find comfort. I’ve joked and drank with people worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to people worth pocket change and still gave the most respect due. I ride a super sport bike that keeps up with the sexiest of Lamborghini’s, and/or Porsches. To turn on this bike I lean at angles that makes me look very acute. I’ve counted tens of thousands of dollars with two hands, a glass of crown in a 4 star hotel, and I’ve counted $4.75 in nickels, dimes, and quarters in a Nissan Maxima. I’ve been stuck on the other side of the continent with a lost wallet, no id, a pocket full of cash and rental car with 3/4 of a tank of gas. I’ve had little knowledge but much sense and tore down a sport sedan and rebuilt the engine with no help. I’ve had run ins with law enforcement, and have walked out without a scratch on me. This list goes on but it brought me to the conclusion that I have nothing to fear… for I am adaptable, and actually Unstoppable. The best part is …I’m just getting started, it’s time I REALLY push myself….
Marlon Daniels
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